The ST Spinal Trim measuring device is designed to help orthotists accurately define the finish trim lines for a custom full-time spinal scoliosis orthosis.

The system is specifically created to take the variables and inconsistencies out of the equation, streamlining the fitting process for you and your patients.

Utilizing an elastic waist band to maintain the location of the waist line, the adjustable and static measuring tools allow for accurate and consistent recording of all finish trim height measurements.

Trim Device Horz

The Spinal Technology® Spinal Trim Measuring Device System

The system is made up of three items:

1. An elastic waist belt.

2. A ruled adjustable measuring tool with vertical sliding reference line indicators for capturing waist to pubis, pubis to xyphoid and waist to trochanter trim measurements.

3. A second ruled static measuring tool for capturing the trochanter to waist, waist to axilla and waist to inferior angle trim measurements.

Instructions for Use

• Attach waist band, and tighten to clearly delineate the waist line.

Do not loosen or remove waist band. This will be the waist reference for all heights.

Note: Waist Belt is positioned above the llliac Crest and below floating ribs 12 & 11.


Anterior Body Landmarks

Diagram Horz Body Landmarks
Standing Waist to Axilla and Waist to Inferior Angle

Waist to Axilla Measurement and Waist to Inferior Angle - T8 Measurement

Patient can be standing when these measurements are taken.

Note: Keep in mind that superior heights will increase if orthosis is correcting scoliotic curve. This will elongate the spine.

5 Trim

Waist to Axilla Measurement

Use Static Measurement Device

4 Trim

Inferior Angle -T8 to Waist Measurement

Use Static Measurement Device


Waist to Pubis Measurement & Xyphiod to Pubis Measurement

Sitting Xyphoid to Pubis and Waist to Pubis
1 Trim

Distal Trim

Device sits directly on thighs and represents the anterior distal trim.
(1/2" reduction in length is built into the ruler)

2 Trim

Waist to Pubis Measurement

Waist to Pubis measurement is read at the mid-line of waist belt.

3 Trim

Pubis to Xyphiod Measurement

Waist to Trochanter Measurement

Sitting Waist to Greater Trochanter
6 Trim
Waist to Sitting Surface - Finish Measurement

Waist to seat (Greater Trochanter) measurement to sitting surface.
(1/2" reduction in length is built into the ruler).

Use Static Measurement Device


Trim Form Horz

Spinal Trim Measurement Form

Transfer all measurements to this form and send it in along with the order form.

Download Form