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Image of catalog coverThe Spinal Technology Product Catalog
A complete guide to our products for custom spinal orthoses (LSO, TLSO, CTLSO, Scoliosis / Kyphosis, Hip) and prefabricated spinal orthoses. Our catalog includes information on the Providence Nocturnal Scoliosis® System and the patented Flex Foam® orthoses (both exclusive to Spinal Technology).

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Orthotic Transfers / Prosthetic Laminating Sleeves / Decals

We offer a variety of Orthotic Transfers and Decals for spinal and lower limb orthoses. Transfers or decals are popular to personalize the appearance of a patient’s orthotic device. When ordering, we recommend choosing a primary and a secondary selection due to transfer availability at time of order.

All transfers are applied according to transfer manufacturer’s specifications. Transfers may bleed and rub off onto fabrics and /or skin when handled. Spinal Technology is not responsible for transfer bleed of the orthosis.

For Prosthetics, we offer a separate variety of Prosthetic Laminating Sleeve Designs.

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