We offer a variety of prefabricated stock LSO and TLSO modules. These modules in (rigid) plastic are available as finished or unfinished, based on standard torso shapes, sizes and trim lines. Prefabricated stock modules allows the practitioner to keep an inventory “in-house” and modify to a patients need.

For size chart see "Product Options" or "Resources" below.

Product Options

Unfinished lined stock brace with anterior overlap
Unfinished Lined Anterior Overlap
Unfinished unlined stock brace anterior overlap
Unfinished Unlined Anterior Overlap
Unfinished lined bivalve stock brace
Unfinished Lined Bivalve
Finished TLSO Bivalve Brace
Finished TLSO Bivalve
Finished LSO Bivalve brace
Finished LSO Bivalve
Finished lined anterior overlap
Finished Lined Anterior Overlap
Finished low anterior - high posterior bivalve brace
Finished Low Anterior / High Posterior Bivalve
Torso Body Sock
Torso Body Sock
Strap Kits
Strap Kits