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Welcome to Spinal Technology

Whether this is your first time or your 1000th visit to our website, take a minute to explore the resources we have. Discover who Spinal Technology is, and what we do.

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Advanced 3D Technology in Fabrication

Our custom spinal orthoses are manufactured with the combination of advanced 3D technology and traditional methodologies to produce the best product for your patient.

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Urgent Spinal Trauma Bracing

Our goal is to get you the brace you need ... when you need it. We offer a variety of custom spinal braces to address your patient’s most critical need for immobilization and spinal stabilization.

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3D Scanning Technology

Our free SpinalTech3D™ Scan app refines the process of ordering custom spinal orthoses from Spinal Technology. Ask us about the Luma 3D portable scanner also available.

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Level Up Your Education

We educate current and future orthotic practitioners on custom spinal bracing for Scoliosis. Our courses cover evaluation, brace design, fit and fabrication advancements.

We’re the Scoliosis Specialists™

Since beginning in 1991, we have manufactured over one million braces. The volume of scoliosis curves and orthoses we’ve fabricated continues to advance our expertise, so that we can partner with orthotists to maximize and achieve the best possible spinal corrections for their patients.

Our Company
27° Right Thoracic, 21° Left Lumbar Curve
Out Of Brace X-Ray
Patient On Board- X-Ray
Patient on Board (Supine)
Patient In-Brace X-Ray
Patient In-Brace (Supine)

Why choose Spinal Technology®?

Better Fit

We customize every orthosis to meet each patient’s needs and shape. We utilize precise measurements, curve analysis, and strategic pad placements. Using the most advanced technology and methods, our goal is to ensure the best possible fit the first time, every time.

Better Results

Our braces speak for themselves. We work hard so you’ll receive a high quality and effective product. We care because we realize every brace has the potential to positively impact the patient’s life. Our customer service and specialist assistance doesn’t end with delivery; we are always here to help.

Fast Turnaround

With extended service hours and multiple delivery options, we make every effort to get our quality products to you in the most expeditious way possible. Every department is dedicated to streamlining and continuous improvement, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Thank you for making things go so smoothly the Friday before Labor Day! The patient who initially chose “Punk” transfer pattern was very pleased with her blue swirl scoli TLSO which fit very well and had great curve reduction in her brace. Another patient's molded Flexfoam II fit him perfectly as well, which was not easy to fabricate for a scoliosis curve greater than 150 degrees with much rotation. All of these patient’s parents were very anxious to have their orthoses by Friday for a variety of reasons. Last week was a challenging one for us in many ways with these patients, but at the end of the week, each of these patients, parents, and MDs were all very pleased with these orthoses fit, cosmesis, and function. I know that it took many people at Spinal Tech to accomplish this. Thank you for all of your work to help resolve these challenging cases during what I know was an extremely busy week for you all.

T.C., CPed, CO, FAAOP• Stoughton, MA
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