Emergency Rooms don’t just work from 9 to 5, and neither do we.

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Accidents causing spinal trauma can happen anytime – overnight, weekends and holidays.

We understand your urgency. Spinal Technology offers a variety of custom spinal braces that address your patient’s most critical need for immobilization and spinal stabilization. Our custom TLSO and LSO orthoses are expertly crafted to your patients’ measurements for both comfort and fit, and are designed to provide the best outcome.

After 30 years and over a million custom braces fabricated, our customers depend on our quality, and our reliability in delivering what they need, when they need it. In most cases, we can turn around a custom fabricated orthosis and deliver it the next business day, depending on time of order placed, and carrier flight availability. We do everything within our control to make sure you have the brace when you need it.

Custom Spinal Braces For Trauma

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TLSO Bivalve

• Post-Operative Spinal Stabilization
• Post-Operative Spinal Fusion
• Compression Fraction
• Burst Fracture

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LSO Anterior Overlap

LSO Anterior Overlap

• Post-Operative Lumbar Stabilization
• Post-Operative Lumbar Fusion
• Compression Fraction
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Sport Injury

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LSO Bivalve

LSO Bivalve

• Post-Operative Lumbar Surgery
• Degenerative Disc Disease
• Herniated Disc
• Compression Fracture

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Turn-Around Time

Our goal is to get you the brace you need ... when you need it. Placing orders in a timely manner maximizes our ability to meet your fabrication and delivery requirements. Our Customer Service Team is always available to help you. Call to place an order at 800 253 7868 or send orders via email to orders@spinaltech.com.


LSO Flex Foam® 1 - Bivalve

• Post-Operative Trunk Stabilization
• Cerebral Palsy
• Muscular Dystrophy
• Cancer Patients

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CTLSO Bivalve

CTLSO Bivalve

• Post-Operative Cervical Fusions
• High Compression Fractures
• Anterior and Posterior Control of Cervical Spine
• Herniated Cervical Disc

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Mold Library

Our Torso Mold Library

West Yarmouth, MA | Louisville, KY

Our collective custom mold library of over 6,500 molds provides a huge advantage for reducing turn-around time. From our library, we select the mold that is closest to your patient’s measurements on the orthometry form submitted with each order and, with slight modifications, we create a duplicate of your patient’s torso. This enables us to expedite the fit and finish and produce a custom orthosis that ensures the highest quality product.

See our family of Custom Spinal Braces for Spinal Trauma here. All of these products can be ordered for delivery the next business day. At Spinal Technology, we're here to support you, the practitioner, and meet your patients' most urgent spinal bracing need for comfort and recovery.

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Extended Service Hours
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• Same day or Monday delivery based on time order placed, flight availability & courier

Extended Service Hours
• Same day or Next Day delivery based on time order placed, flight availability & courier

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