Thank you to everyone involved in fabricating this latest brace. Specifically, a big thank you to Sandy for his time on the phone and thorough recommendations on the design. The patient could not be happier with the outcome.

J.G., CPO• Northfield, NJ

I just fit this 2 piece Flex Foam TLSO and wanted to let you know that it fit great and the patient tolerated wearing it home! His parents are very happy.

R.T., CO• Newport News, VA

This brace fit perfectly. All I had to do was take it out of the box and mark the straps. Great job to all.

J.H., CPO• Poughkeepsie, NY

Things to love about getting a TLSO from Spinal Tech: 1. The straps are always the correct length 2. The barrel screws are always the exact same ones to make tightening easy. 3. The fit is on the money, exact. And because of these things...Easy, fast fittings.

P.R. CO, LO, OTR/L• Skokie, IL

Thank you to all who were involved in my first custom Minerva. It was a breeze to fit.

A.A., CPO• Burnsville, MN

This brace was for an armless patient who wanted the ability to steer her bicycle using the brace. With a little modification to the bike, it is working out great. He wanted to pass along a special thanks to Jonathan who helped put it all together.

N.W., C.O.• Tulsa, OK

Thanks for a perfect fit for this brace from yesterday. The patient felt 100x better in the brace than without.

J.B., CO• Elkins Park, PA

I'm just so happy with these last three braces! They came out perfectly and needed no modifications. Thank you to the techs who worked on them.

J.E., C.P• Sacramento, CA

I wanted to let you know that the family, the Doc and I couldn't have been more pleased with this very difficult custom Minerva Cervical Extension. The scan/order came in pretty late for such a tough case and you finished it same day nonetheless. Thank you to everyone involved.

M.W., CPO• West Palm Beach, FL