I'm just so happy with these last three braces! They came out perfectly and needed no modifications. Thank you to the techs who worked on them.

J.E., C.P • Sacramento, CA

I wanted to let you know that the family, the Doc and I couldn't have been more pleased with this very difficult custom Minerva Cervical Extension. The scan/order came in pretty late for such a tough case and you finished it same day nonetheless. Thank you to everyone involved.

M.W., CPO • West Palm Beach, FL

Just wanted to let everyone know that this TLSO FlexFoam Bivalve brace was perfect! Great job to everyone involved.

J.N. CPO • Rock Hill, SC

Thank you for a great fitting custom anterior opening brace. Zero adjustments were needed on a difficult shape.

K.M. • Chatanooga, TN

I wanted to thank everyone involved with the fabrication of this CTLSO. It was a difficult case as the patient is a tiny NICU baby, and you were spot on. Great job everyone!

F.C., CPO • El Paso, TX

I wanted to let your team know these custom braces have been working very well. So much so that now I have a team of physicians that bring all of their omphalocele cases to me due to the success I've been having when using our custom devices.

C.B. CP • Grand Rapids, MI

When my patient was in too much pain to be able to measure her circumferences, I knew I could count on your team to get the fit just right. And you nailed it! Wanted to send a huge thank you for getting this just right!

B.A. CO • Fresno, CA

I am so very appreciative of the Custom TLSO brace that was made last night. We had tried using an off the shelf but due to the very odd shape that wouldn’t work. Great job everyone!

E.W. MPO, LCPO • Louisville, KY

Both me and my patient are overjoyed with the quick turnaround. Saving the patient a lot of $$$ is always well received. The Providence brace looks great!

J.N., CPO • Bozeman, MT