When my patient was in too much pain to be able to measure her circumferences, I knew I could count on your team to get the fit just right. And you nailed it! Wanted to send a huge thank you for getting this just right!

B.A. CO • Fresno, CA

Whoever was responsible for getting out the order for R.B., I extend a great big, thank you from Freedom Prosthetics and Orthotics. Not only were we able to deliver in a timely manner, but R.B. was able to go home and join his siblings for Christmas from the hospital. I told his mom and dad due to the weather and the short notice, this might not happen, but that I had called Santa Claus, and he made it happen. Thanks again and Merry Christmas to you and all your staff.

J.H. BOCO CO CLI • St. George, UT

When I called I didn't know if my patient would even make it through the night. I sent some pictures and we discussed options for quite a while. The patient had 5 tubes in him of varying shapes, sizes and lengths. The end result was a Flex Foam Bi-valve brace that fit perfectly. Absolutely incredible Spinal Tech! Please also thank Mario who was heavily involved on all finish work, cutouts, and build ups. Awesome job Mario!

C.H. CP, BOCCO • Johnson City, TN

Great job Spinal Technology! The fit was spot-on and you made me look really good. Nice work to all involved!

C.C. CO • Springfield, MA

My past 4 or 5 CAD designed braces have been perfect right out of the box. The quality has been great and it’s improved my business so much.

G.D. CPO • North Logan, UT

Thank you for the phenomenal results with this patient. Per the doctor, we reduced a nearly 50° curve to 10°. The mother was in tears, the doctor came over and shook my hand. I’m only the vehicle, your team did the work and made this miracle possible.

M.F. CPO • Wilmington, NC

You guys do great work, and I really enjoy work with y’all; I appreciate all of you.

M.S. CO, CTO • Tuscaloosa, AL

I did fitting for 2 braces with help of Charle remotely, the braces were excellent and showed good correction. I am so pleased with the easiness of fitting and hope this is a good beginning of our business together.

W.H. DPT • Egypt

Thank you to the whole team for a great fit on difficult case. Especially to Juan Padilla who added reliefs in the mold room.

J.S. CPO • Waukesha, WI