Experts recommend that children be examined before growth spurts for two reasons. First, this is the time that signs and symptoms typically appear. Second, from a physiological standpoint, it’s the most advantageous time to treat AIS.

“Since adolescents are still growing, their spines are more flexible and their bones heal easily,” says Dr. Jason Eck. “We can achieve a much better correction now with bracing and surgery than if you wait.”

The Scoliosis Research Society recommends that boys be examined once around the age of 13 or 14 (grades 8 to 9), and girls twice, at ages 10 and 12 (grades 5 and 7). If your children have a family history of the condition, you should take extra care to have them screened. Even if your child is diagnosed with AIS, many cases require no treatment at all and are simply monitored by your child’s doctor at regular intervals. Only 30% of all cases will require bracing, while an even smaller 10% percent will actually need back surgery to correct the curve.

Source: Healthscope Magazine (2016, May). Six Facts About Scoliosis Every patient Should Know