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Spinal Technology is not responsible for all billing codes.

Due to the ever changing landscape of medical billing, we cannot provide an exact list of which codes should be used when billing for custom bracing. We can only guide you to the resources we have to look for the right L Codes, HCPCS Codes or DMECS Codes

Product Classification List Search Results

This list reflects products which have been submitted by the manufacturer for a HCPCS coding verification review. The assignment of a HCPCS code to the product(s) should in no way be construed as an approval or endorsement of the product(s) by the PDAC, DME MACs, or Medicare, nor does it imply or guarantee claim reimbursement. This list reflects the latest product information on file, therefore, the information displayed in the results table may differ from the search criteria you entered for manufacturer name, product name, and model number.

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