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While wearing your scoliosis brace in the cooler winter months can help you stay warm, the summer is another story. If you live in warm climates all year round, you will get acclimated faster.

It's no secret that the heat and humidity can be more uncomfortable when you have to wear your brace. Here are some ways to help you stay cool, while still wearing your brace.

1. Be sure to have extra stockinette/undershirts to change.

Order extra tank tops or camis like these that can be found at Embraced in Comfort. By keeping skin dry, you will reduce chafing and minimize body odor from additional sweat.

2. Wear loose flowing clothes.

Most large clothing retailers carry loose fitting or flowing tank tops, tees and sundresses that will blow in a nice breeze and keep you comfortable. Boys can also find larger T-shirts and tank tops that aren't so snug. It's also a good time of year to stock up on these types of shirts large enough to go over your brace that can be layered in cooler months. Try stores like Kohls, Target or Macy's just to name a few.

Summer clothes

3. Invest in a portable hand-held fan.

A small fan that you can take anywhere with you will definitely come in handy. One that is USB chargeable like this one from Amazon can be handheld or folded to sit next to you. You can also find the kind that hangs around your neck which will constantly keep a breeze on you.

4. Schedule your out of brace time when you can go swimming.

Remind family members and friends that you only have so many hours to spend out of your brace, and that time is precious. Work together to come up with a summer schedule to maximize your time for swimming and cool showers to help keep your body temperature cooler.

5. Find inside activities to use air conditioning.

Be kind to your child and turn down the AC this summer. Or find indoor activities like a science museum or the movies to take them too. On a hot day, these places may be less crowded when others head to the beach.