Having a global presence means being present at industry events around the world. From Massachusetts to Germany and from Dubai to Louisville, our team travels to meet you and showcase our expertise. It also means sharing resources with our global partners like eqwal, Qwadra, Dutch Scoliosis Center and many more to bring you the highest quality in custom spinal orthotics. Being able to showcase all of our treatment options and educate medical professionals about the possibilities is only the first step. We attend these industry events around the world including many local O&P chapters across the USA to teach others how to rely on custom orthotics and the knowledge of our team to provide positive outcomes for patients.

At Spinal Technology, we believe that sharing our knowledge, and absorbing that of others, is the most effective way to advance the treatment and care for all patients. Please bookmark our Exhibitions page to find out where we will be next. Quite often, one of our Spinal Technology experts will be presenting a talk or showcasing a product for you to learn more about.