There is often confusion surrounding the different types of straps available for a custom spinal orthosis. There are many different variations of straps designed for comfort, functionality as well as patient compliance.

In this video, Erick Osborne describes the types of straps that are often misidentified. The Houdini strap and the Tamper Proof strap are both solutions for the issue of patients trying to take off their brace.

As with any of our custom fabricated orthoses, a spinal brace can be ordered with a choice of straps. Knowing your patient, and their willingness to tolerate the brace will determine which strap will work best for each order.

A regular strap is an overlapping velcro that can be opened easily with one hand pulling in the opposite direction.

A tamper proof strap is attached the same way as a regular strap, but has 3" of velcro extending past the attachment point. When the strap is closed, it is difficult to open with one hand. Instead, this strap requires two hands to pull apart the two pieces of velcro to release the strap.

The Houdini strap is a much longer strap that is used on an anterior opening, attached posteriorly so that the child cannot reach it to undo. This is the best option for patients who like to escape from their orthoses.