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Top 10 Encouraging Things to Say

It has happened to many of us, struggling to find the right words. Sometimes it can be hard not knowing just what to say to someone we care about when they are in need. Having a bad day, emergency situations, or chronic illness can all be topics many of us might want to avoid. When our friends or loved ones need us the most, it is ok to be unsure of how to help or what to say. So we have put together a few ideas that might work for you when talking to a friend, sibling or child about their scoliosis.

1. I care for you and am here for you.

2. I believe in you.

3. You are so strong.

4. What can I do to help?

5. I know this isn't your fault.

6. Tell me how you feel.

7. Can I stop by?

8. Can I help you carry your bag at school?

9. Don't feel bad if you need to cancel plans. I understand.

10. It's ok if you're having a bad day, I'm here to listen.