SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

Spinal Technology offers an app for practitioners

Our SpinalTech3D™ Scan app refines the process of ordering custom 
spinal orthoses from Spinal Technology by electronically integrating scans, 
images, and practitioner instructions into our custom spinal and scoliosis 
orthometry forms.

With this app, practitioners can take 3D scans, include images, denote anatomical landmarks, write comments and instructions on the images. Powered by TechMed 3D software, our app combines all images and documentation into one secure electronic file, which is emailed directly to Spinal Technology. 
When the file is received in-house, we use our proprietary software 
to modify the scan based on the patient’s information and the brace design selected. The modified 3D model is fine-tuned and uploaded into one of our six carvers to produce a positive mold of the patient’s torso, used to fabricate a precise custom orthosis.

The SpinalTech3D™ Scan app is designed to work seamlessly with an iPad® and both the Structure Sensor and the Structure Sensor (Mark II).

There is no cost for the SpinalTech3D™ Scan app, it will improve accuracy and save time.

 Download this free app and experience the advantage of using it in your O&P practice. 


Key Advantages:

•Cuts out the time and mess of casting

•Improves and streamlines the patients experience

•Creates precise models and measurements

•Eliminates the costs and time required for shipping casts

•Easy to Use!!!


What you’ll need…


Version 2 or newer. iPad Pro®, iPad®, iPad mini®, or an iPad Air®

The Structure Sensor is the first 3D sensor for iPad®.

Structure Sensor (Mark II) is compatible with many recent iPad Pro®, iPad®, iPad Air®, and iPad® mini models.

Trade Up Your Structure Sensor
Save up to $130.00*
* Price subject to change by Occipital

You can download the SpinalTech3D Scan app from Apple’s iPad App Store®.

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Download It Here

We offer a complete 3D Scan Package


Our 3D Scan package makes it a seamless solution for 3D scanning and ordering. Everything is in one handy package.

The package includes:

• Structure Sensor (Mark II)
• Apple iPad®
• SpinalTech3D™ Scan App (Preloaded)
• “How-To” Videos (Preloaded)
• Waist Belt
• Quick Start Guide
• Five Scanning Tips
• Leather Carrying Case

Experience the advantage of using it in your O&P practice.

For more information click here or to purchase call
Customer Service at 800 253 7868.


How-To Videos

1. How To Download SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

2. How To Register SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

3. How to Setup New Practitioner SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

4. How To Setup New Patient SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

5. How To Full Body Scan SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

They’re on You Tube… click here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How should my patient stand to create the most accurate scan?

    Have your patient’s arms lifted above the torso, one at a time, as you complete a 360°scan. Ensure your patient limits irregular body movement when being scanned.
  • What is the best attire for the patient during scanning?

    A tight fitting stockinette pulled down past the gluteal fold and well past the trochanter is ideal. The most common material is white or gray but any color uniformity works best. The stockinette should fit high and tight under the neck and underarms, ensuring full coverage for a proper scan.
  • Which landmarks should I include when taking a measurement?

    We recommend including the trochanter, ASIS, waist, xyphoid and scapulae for low profile orthoses; and additionally, chest and sternal notch for high profile devices.
  • How should I send in my measurements?

    Complete the proper brace design order form in the app with patient measurements.
  • Can I still scan the patient if they’re unable to stand?

    Yes. The app allows you to do a two-sided scan: posterior and anterior.
  • Does the new app update work with my earlier Structure Sensor?

    Yes. It is backwards compatible.
  • How will I know if I have the latest SpinalTech 3D Scan™ App update?

    Easy, check the Apple iPad Store® to see the latest version. Click the update button to download the latest version.

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