The stTracker® can improve the patients’ outcome by monitoring patient compliance.

In the treatment of Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS), compliance is one of the most important factors in successful bracing. Our stTracker® system takes guesswork out of the equation.

The system includes our online stTracker® portal, and a USB compatible reader. The portal and reader are designed to work with the stTracker® monitor button that can be added to any one of the many custom scoliosis braces we fabricate. (Reader and usb attachment sold together – monitor button is purchased separately.)

Practitioners can use our stTracker® portal from any location, computer or device that has internet access. It's a great tool for practices with multiple locations.

The stTracker® Portal

The stTracker® portal has a user friendly dashboard that allows practitioners to customize patient brace wearing data into easily read reports and three types of linear graphs to chart wearing compliance. Users have the ability to set up multiple patients, establish individual schedules by date and time, view & print reports.

Each stTracker® monitor button can be formatted and easily programmed for individual patient wearing schedules via the portal software. The portal is cloud based and HIPAA compliant.

St Tracker Interface
The stTracker® Portal Interface Display
E Brace

The custom orthosis & stTracker® monitor button

The orthotist orders a custom scoliosis orthosis with the monitor button indicated on the order form. The monitor button arrives with the brace. The brace is fabricated with a recessed pocket to hold the button.

The orthotist places the button in the reader, programming it (using the stTracker® portal) to the patients’ prescribed wearing schedule. The button is then fit into the brace, keeping it in place with a Moleskin fabric applied on top.

The stTracker® monitor button works by reading body heat when the brace is donned.

F Reader1

The stTracker® Reader

The reader allows you to transfer the data from the monitor button into the stTracker® portal to review wearing compliance and create outcome reports.

A Weekly

Define and review reports

Through the stTracker® portal the orthotist has the ability to create weekly or monthly reports that will tell how often, and for how long, the patient is actually wearing the brace.

The stTracker® system makes compliance reporting a matter of science, not conjecture.

The stTracker® helps doctors, orthotists, parents, and patients share the common goal of compliance.

• Removes compliance guesswork

• Highly accurate monitoring

• Easy to use and read

• Powerful reporting software

• Monitor buttons are re-usable

• Portal can be accessed by multiple users and in multiple locations

• Cloud based server that is HIPAA compliant and will store your data safely

The stTracker® is flexible to meet your needs; you can set patient readings for a prescribed wearing schedule and easily review the wearing outcome based on a weekly or monthly timeframe.

The portal interface is simple to navigate. It also provides 3 charting options for linear data presentation.

D Report

Patient Compliance Report

The stTracker® portal allows the orthotist to create a patient compliance report that can be given to the physician to show patient wearing compliance.

Ordering and Installation

To order a stTracker button (if needed), indicate on the order form and the device will be shipped along with the orthosis. Once the orthosis has been received, the practitioner will have to place the button in the reader and using the portal software, assign the button to your patient (one button per patient); including DOB, physician info, brace type and prescribed hours.