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Urgent Spinal Trauma Bracing

Our goal is to get you the brace you need ... when you need it. We offer a variety of custom spinal braces to address your patient’s most critical need for immobilization and spinal stabilization.

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SpinalTech3D™ Scan App

Our free SpinalTech3D™ Scan app refines the process of ordering custom spinal orthoses from Spinal Technology, Inc.

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Education for Practitioners

We educate current and future orthotic practitioners on custom spinal bracing for Scoliosis. Our courses cover evaluation, brace design, fit and fabrication advancements.

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Advanced 3D Technology in Fabrication

Our custom spinal orthoses are manufactured with the combination of advanced 3D technology and traditional methodologies to produce the best product for your patient.

We’re the Scoliosis Specialists.

Since beginning in 1991, we have manufactured over one million braces. The volume of scoliosis curves and orthoses we’ve fabricated continues to advance our expertise, so that we can partner with orthotists to maximize and achieve the best possible spinal corrections for their patients.

Our Company
27° Right Thoracic, 21° Left Lumbar Curve
Out Of Brace X-Ray
Patient On Board- X-Ray
Patient on Board (Supine)
Patient In-Brace X-Ray
Patient In-Brace (Supine)

Why choose Spinal Technology?

Better Fit

We customize every orthosis to meet each patient’s needs and shape. We utilize precise measurements, curve analysis, and strategic pad placements. Using the most advanced technology and methods, our goal is to ensure the best possible fit the first time, every time.

Better Results

Our braces speak for themselves. We work hard so you’ll receive a high quality and effective product. We care because we realize every brace has the potential to positively impact the patient’s life. Our customer service and specialist assistance doesn’t end with delivery; we are always here to help.

Fast Turnaround

With extended service hours and multiple delivery options, we make every effort to get our quality products to you in the most expeditious way possible. Every department is dedicated to streamlining and continuous improvement, so you get exactly what you need, when you need it.

I wanted to let your team know these custom braces have been working very well. So much so that now I have a team of physicians that bring all of their omphalocele cases to me due to the success I've been having when using our custom devices.

C.B. CP• Grand Rapids, MI
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