It is rewarding to hear from our customers about their patient's experience with their custom spinal brace. Don't just take our word for it, here are some reviews from practitioners and patients over the years.

Please convey our thanks to the fabrication team for the excellent work they have been doing. We've had minimal adjustments if any to the last 4 lot of braces we've received and everyone has been very pleased. Even the excessive curves which were braced to hopefully prevent further curvature pending surgery, are showing significant improvement.

H.J., RPT.,C.PED• Kingston, Jamaica

If nobody has told you, I will. You and your company are awesome! Your staff is always kind and your amazing service and spinal products are the best and most consistent I’ve ever seen. I’m proud every time I have the opportunity to deliver one of your spinal braces.

P.K.,LCO - Fort Lauderdale, FL

Last week I ordered a custom molded bivalve lined TLSO from measurements. The patient recently sustained multiple compression fractures and was in severe pain for which he needed the TLSO. The brace fit him perfectly contouring exactly to his body without needing any heat gun adjustments. I wasn’t at all surprised at how well it fit, but was thoroughly impressed. Whomever worked on this did an outstanding job. As always, thank you.

T.C., CPO – Boston, MA

I can not thank you guys enough! That brace was amazing, fit like a glove! You guys always do an amazing job, but I had no idea where to even begin with that one. Thank you.

M.B., COF - Maryland

Just a quick note on the brace I fit this morning. I literally put the brace on, trimmed the ends off of the velcro straps, and the patient walked out the door. Please let whoever was responsible for making this brace know that they did a fantastic job.

J.P. CO - Canada