Your custom Providence® spinal brace is designed to provide you with secure, comfortable spinal support. The information below – along with the specific guidance from your orthotist – will tell you what to expect when using your spinal orthosis.

Follow your health care providers’ instructions carefully to use this device safely and effectively; this document is designed to give you general “getting started” instructions. Please take the time to read this information carefully. Always contact your orthotist if you have any questions.

Donning Your Spinal Brace

1. Sitting on edge of bed, open the brace and slide it around your torso. Be sure to
center the brace in the middle of your spine. Lie down and position the lumbar
pad at your waist level.

While lying down, evenly fasten the straps making sure the brace opening is parallel. Tighten the middle strap first, then working upwards from bottom to top.

. Brace should be tightened to fit snug, gradually working up to the markings the orthotist has made on the straps.

Make sure no straps are twisted.

Proper Strap Tension

Straps should be tightened so they are comfortably snug. The object is to eliminate excess motion between your body and the orthosis, but NOT to overtighten the straps. Look for pre-marked lines your orthotist may have made on the straps for quick reference.


The orthosis can be cleaned with soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol. Be sure to thoroughly rinse any soap/detergents off and dry the orthosis before donning.

Comfort Tips

Always wear your spinal brace over a cotton T-shirt that provides coverage in all of the contact areas of the brace. Try to keep the fabric smooth against skin and avoid fabric wrinkles or bunching. Feel free to change your T-shirt halfway through the day to increase your comfort.

Areas of Redness

Some minor surface redness is common and should dissipate quickly. Check for localized redness after each wearing period and before continuing with the break-in schedule. If redness, irritation persists call your orthotist for adjustments.

Break-in Procedure

Remember this brace is designed for nocturnal use and should be worn only when
lying down at night.

Begin use of the brace with an initial wearing period of one half-hour. If you find no problems or have no questions, you may safely double each wearing period.

For example, ½ hour to 1 hour, 1 hour to 2 hours, 2 hours to 4 hours etc.
Eventually wearing orthosis through the night.

Your orthotist will give you instructions on how many hours per night you should be wearing the orthosis for best results.

Follow-up care

Follow-up visits with your Physician and Orthotist are vital for your healing – don’t skip any scheduled appointments. Adjustments for fit and function can be made by appointment with your orthotist.

A Patient Recommendation

As the Providence® brace is a nighttime orthosis, we recommend patients and parents take advantage of additional opportunities to extend wear time when possible. Encouraging the child to lie down in a recumbent position for extended periods of time will aid in achieving more compliance. Suggested ways to accomplish this include the use of a bean bag chair while lying supine and watching TV, reading a book, or hanging out with friends.

Bean Bag

Bean Bag Chair

• Conveniently aids in compliance.

• A comfortable and fun way to achieve more positive outcomes!