Not all of our custom spinal braces are created equal. At Spinal Technology, we make every single brace according to your patient's individual measurements.

For over 30 years the experienced central fabrication team at Spinal Technology has been manufacturing custom spinal braces for medical providers around the world.

The Pectus Carinatum Orthosis features a low profile design with both anterior and posterior panels with a flexible surround that easily contours around the patient’s chest. These panels are designed to direct both an anterior and posterior force needed for compressive correction.

The Pectus Carinatum panels are made of a hard plastic outside and lined with a softer foam that provides comfort and easily conforms against the chest. The surround has an adjustable plastic ratchet system on both sides for easy fit and adjustability.

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Thoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthosis (TLSO)

The anterior and posterior sections of the high profile TLSO Flex Foam 1 - Bivalve opening are connected by a set of three heavy-duty hook and loop straps on each side, allowing compression, expansion and adjustability, with good lateral control. The patented frame is lined with soft foam, available in several thicknesses, to maximize comfort. Multiple opening and frame designs are available to accommodate medical needs.

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The Kyphologic style w/ Anterior opening & “Cow Horns” that attach laterally and allows for a corrective force at the apex of kyphosis. The brace is used to correct Kyphosis and stabilize adult patients.

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